Friday, December 26, 2008

I feel Good

Happy Holidays and happy legs! I feel good. I started back Wednesday walking only two miles. I wanted to feel if the pain in my calf was a serious injury or a temporary cramp. Couldn't really tell, the legs still felt like they were numb. My pelvic area was the most bothered, why ... I don't know. I was stiff but my attitude was the same as mile 25, "gotta keep going." It's a trip when you go to run after the long runs and when your running it feels like the last day you ran. Like, yes, Wednesday feel like mile 26.3! Thursday I walk/ran 30 minutes and today 4 miles forty minutes... I feel good. No calf strains, pulling or tingling feelings back there.

The next marathon (hey maniac) is in 50 days. I'm going!
Happy Holidays Everyone!


Christie said...

Happy Healing and Happy Holidays!

DawnB said...

Pam, you go girl! :)

Marc said...

50 Days? 7 weeks.

Rest up and ease back into it. There's not a who;e lot of time to ramp it up before tapering back down.

But then again, I know the feeling of wanting to get out there and run it again, like a prize fighter wanting another round...

Go get 'em!

Just_because_today said...

Good luck. It will be great in 50 days.
Enjoy your holidays