Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why the long face?
10k 58:43
Half 2:08:32
20 miles 3:30
Marathon 4:56:38

Those last 10k kicked my calf! ( 1hour 26 minutes)
A small pea in the queen's shoe started my change of events.
I went to take off my shoe before mile 19 and look like the Alien
manage to make his way to the my calf in big knot. David Goggins
said "show no weakness" I glad he didn't say show no pain.
It was very painful and it was heard, cause I yelled like the
biggest wimp!

It put me down, I screamed like a wimp, over and over and
LOUD. I didn't want to interfere with the other marathoner's,
although I did. I ran with my Dad's drum stick which came in handy.
By the way we were hand in hand the entire run. I used the stick
for a number of things, also to tell the pick-up patrol if they put me
in that van that "I will beat you with this stick." Yes, they backed
off when I added "these GT2130's are taking me in" what else can
they do or say.

One runner politely ask can she do anything for me, my response
"no thank please keep running, I don't want interfere, please go"
She saw the big knot in leg, which by this time had twisted me up
in a strange position. I was trying to find comfort when she
handed me a salt tablet. She said "take this. " I took it quickly,
and began messaging the calf til it soften up. Then I was able to
take off my shoe and take out the little rock. I can "show no weakness."
I started running.

I thought about how much time I lost and that I had to continue,
I still had a chance to make 4:30. I ran with a limp, straight up,
sideways and sometimes normal til the cramp will start making
its way back. Then, I started with these short little choppy steps and
that was most comfortable and it kept me going. Every now and
then I had to run short choppy steps with a lean. This wasn't fun.

The 4:45 pace runner went by after mile 21 and I thought "wait
slow down, your going to fast, you are suppose to be behind me"
When I was at the 23 mile mark I could still see the 4:45 pacer
and told my self "she is only about 3 minutes away, I can make
it by 4:48." I know I wasn't anymore good, but I couldn't quit.
I still can beat my last marathon time. So I keep chopping along.

"Please 5:00 pacer, don't past me" I wouldn't look back because
I knew it would make me panic. I ran to beat my time. I saw
TEAM MOCHA with the camera doing pictures. I'm sure
this picture wont be pretty. I'm sure they will post it. I looked
for my family to be at this bench about a half mile from the finish
and they weren't there. They expected to see me a lot earlier,
so they were at a different location. My daughter saw me and said
"Mom, I thought you found another course" how I love her honesty.
Still I had .2 miles to go on a turf track "nice."

On the straight away to the finish the clock displayed 4:56
something "good," I thought "I can beat my time by 2 minutes."
Now I hope no one comes racing me to the finish. Crossing the
finish and hearing that beep beep was awesome, with a bench
and a pool of ice I sat it down and chilled!

My husband gave me a Pammy back ride to the car and we were
off. Not until now, I thought maybe three weeks from now I can
do another marathon and get my 4:30. Hmmmm just a thought.


Marc said...

Pam -

A huge congratulations on finishing a tough marathon.

Get some rest. Eat some ice cream. After the long face wears off, bask in the pride of your accomplishment.

You'll get those 26 minutes - and a few more, no doubt - after rest and recovery.

Burger said...

Great job! Ya know I can relate about my legs failing me in the last 10K of a marathon...

you'll get your sub-4:30 next time. kick ass girl!

HillRunner said...

David Goggins is an American hero... An inspiration and motivation for everyone. His new blog is underway,

DawnB said...

congratulations Pam, way to stick it out. I think by now you know the marathon maniac in me would tell you to go for it in 3 weeks. Would you listen to a mainiac :)

Happy holidays

Just_because_today said...

Mom, I thought you found another course
Love that!
I had bad cramps when I did Toronto 06. It felt like my legs were breaking into tiny little pieces. I know the pain you experienced and what it takes to finish and you did. Congratulations