Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is life after the marathon.
I had my long run Sunday of 10 miles. I went easy, held back at an easy 10:00 pace til the last mile and half I was able to step it up a notch. Felt like my legs were begging me to go faster. So I did and made me think Im glad I didnt go out, give my body some recovery time. I found a marathon in Ocala Feb. 1 that I thin I will participate in. That gives me about 5 weekends. Even though I did PR that last marathon, I just didnt get close to the time I set out to get or I would just wait til next year to try to achieve that goal. I have already made it a plan to participate in the High Desert 50k December 2009 so I wont be able to do my normal Jacksonville Bank here. So wish me the best and I'll keep you posted.

My girlfriend JC completed her first half marathon too that day and i must say that I am very proud of her. She started running one year ago and 30 pounds ago. See our pictures here bib number 1007(me) and 2699(her)


mrjwhit~ said...

Great pictures. I know you're proud. I plan to do my first marathon this March and maybe my 2nd in Oct.

Burger said...

Looking good...looking good!

Haha...loved the stick! Dad was beaming at his little girl with pride for sure.