Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hand In Hand

My thoughts on my run today
were about my hands.

How my hands tell the arms what to do.
"Swing arms swing, let's keep it going, keep up with me,
this is the beginning of what we can do."

How my arms tell the legs what to do.
"Legs I know I'm going faster than you are
but you will again keep up with me today."

How the flow of the legs give the heart a lot to do,
"Come on heart keep up with the tempo but stay
relax and don't get to excited. Lets run steady."

How the heart relates to my mind and gives me visions to create.
"What beautiful elements which surrounds,
the gradual change in colors in the sky,
the fluffy weight of the clouds,
the reflection in the water identifying life upside down."

How my creations flow from my heart, my mind,
my legs, my arms to my hands.
Providing movement to be appreciated by others in a still form.
To give life to a blank wall, canvas, paper etc.
To leave a piece of me to share the natural talents given to me.

How running gives me life and how art gives me life.
No longer do I have to battle which one to choose.
How they now work together with me hand in hand.

Wishing you a productive and happy 2009.
Run Steady.

1 comment:

Just_because_today said...

you give thanks for your art. I like that you describe that your creations start at your heart.