Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twelve Unexpected Miles.

I was excited to read my email from Maria, to find that Sunday's long run was the downtown bridges. The bridges are looped and to equal to 10 miles, if you have to make 3 loops. Well, from training for the marathon I adjusted my attitude to running a certain amount of time instead of a certain distance. So my attitude today was, to run an hour and a half.

We started our run but I didnt quite hit the button on my watch hard enough to start the timer. By the time I found this out we were 15 minutes into our run and I asked another runner the time on their watch, I would just add the time to my watch at the end. So when it was time to head back in with only 2 miles I decided to go another loop. I forgot about starting my watch late.

I didnt think about it until I got into the car 1:42 plus 15! It felt good to me. I could feel the workout in my legs today. Going up and down the ladder was a little slower today, that's a good feeling.


Marc said...

I forgot about starting my watch late.

The mind can do wonderful things when set free from the watch.

Very well done!

DawnB said...

very nice

Just_because_today said...

what is a watch but a tool to measure time that does not tell the feeling of the run

Pamela Ann said...

"The feeling of the run" Unmeasurable! Thanks