Monday, January 12, 2009

Another 12 miles but no hills.
That shaved nine minutes.
Here comes the battle
between art and running.
I have an unveiling
at the end of the month.
Also I need to create a few
newer pieces for display.
I dont have much choice here.
I must let my art come first this time,
I have a deadline.
The next will be the full marathon in Ocala.
So I have decided to focus on completing
my creations until the end of the month.
Maybe I will just do the half marathon
( I mean 21k Marc, he he he)
and that will be my compromise to
keep my running and art reationship
flowing throughout '09 without many


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Life happens, right! let your running help your art. I would still run the marathon, just don't put any big expectations on a finishing time, use it as experience and miles logged on your legs. The more marathons you run the more your legs and body will adapt.

Myriam said...

You can and will find art and creativity in your running. No argument between the two
Running= peace=creativity
Perfect together.

Pamela Ann said...

Thank you Marc, Tanya and Myriam