Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OXY Update

I ran the Resolution Run 10K and1-14-12 My average pace was 8:54
This morning I ran 4.68 and I dropped my pace down to 8:29. I wasnt

ready to stop, I was relaxed and ready for more but my route was done.
What I have experienced from using the oxy is that it gives my body memory

of what my muscles fullest potential has achieved.

Now that I take the oxy less I have been about to coach myself though the run

with what I have experienced using the oxy and taking my body past the comfort threshold without fear. Im looking to run this pace for longer
periods of time. I like to go where I never gone with myself and the being
able to realistic conquer a challenge! Its on and DRoPPiNG!
Take the test! Its worth the $10!

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