Monday, April 9, 2012


So I have taken an OXY Break, its been about a month now. I wanted to allow my body to do whatever its going to do from its training from the OXY. December's 2011 half results was 2:01 (great) at home in Jacksonville, FL, flat, scenic and cool. Then in January a 10K 55:16 home in Jax, at a 8:55 pace (cool). A 10 miler at the beginning of Feb I started fade with the beach heat, a 1:41 (10:10) Again no excuses. Then the next half was in March 2012 in New Orleans (party, party, eat, eat) maybe it was like starting over or something the time was 2:16. No excuses that was the results. The next was Memphis Tennessee, lots of rolling hill compared to Jax. Finished 2:10

So now it April and Im still running and havent taken any OXY since Memphis. Im coaching my mind to go like it was full of oxygen (especially since the body knows what it feels like now.) I will start taken the OXY again before my May 28 th event, which is a 5 miler. My goal is a sub 45. Let's see what happens! Gotta make it DRoP!
Link to the OXY test: http//

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