Monday, December 12, 2011


When was the last time I stood on the side line and watched a 5K?? I don't ever remember doing that. That's why it felt so foreign for me to watch. It was exciting watching the front line runners take off super fast and others followed at a pace which it looked like an attempt to keep up. Gradually the pace slowed to the back of the crowd to walkers, strollers and doggies on leashes. 
It took over five minutes for everyone to cross the line and I had to watch. I felt like a little kid who couldn't leave thinking I might miss out on something.
I ran over to see them at mile two which was only a block away. It didn't take long before the runners came flying up the street to the two mile marker. The race looked animated. Their turnovers were extremely fast. It was thrilling for me to watch, it got me inspired to run faster. Observing this has taught me from a different perspective to learning to be better is more than the act, practice, listening, passion but also hands on observation. I have noticed some time ago that you have to do what you see you want done.
How would I study online what the leaders are doing without seeing how they do it.  I'm visual. I have taken it upon myself a while ago a motto to: "Do what they are doing instead of what they are saying." I never connected that method to running until I became a spectator.

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