Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Im in the 8's

"Girl, you were smokin" was the response I heard from my running partner when she finished shortly after our run. The morning was not as cool as I expected and my legs felt sort of tight. Two things I had in my favor was plenty of rest and extra oxygen.
I hit my half way point 23 seconds faster than my PR. On the way back I shaved an additonal 20 seconds, bring my average pace to 8:57 for 4.68 miles. Though I stayed relaxedgh the run, the effort was there! I switched up my strides and running form a couple of times to adjust to the tightness in my legs. This allowed me to stay at pace.

Now to hold that pace for 13.1 miles would be beyond awesome. I look forward to the dy when I com back to this page and say "I remember when I dropped into my 8's and how excited I was, now high  8's are easy day at 6 miles."  He he he .. I claiming that one, Gotta DRoP IT!

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