Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Daily Mile Gadget

I was introduce or should I say challenged, to log my miles on an online gadget thingy by a neighborhood running buddy. I love that she introduce me to the because it really gives me the opportunity to challenge myself. So with that and today being hump day, I had to beat my yesterday's pace.

I started off my first with my mind on the gadget and thought I have to do better than yesterday, cause not only will I know, but so will others. I ran my core with Sara and she was feeling blah, but she kept a pretty good pace for four miles. We ran mile intervals. The mile were less than ten minute each and we had one minute walk break. 80 degrees felt like 90.

Well Im about to go report onto the dailymile, alittle somthing on facebook and twitter, all these gadgets and for the love of running. I love it! And this is my invitation to you. I will love your company.

Speaking of gadgets, I will love to have this little device. How many have tried it?NIKE + IPOD SPORT KIT-USANIKE + IPOD SENSOR-USA


BigWill78 said...

I have it and I love it

Latoya said...

I love this running aid. It is by far my secret to postpardum weight loss