Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marathon Eating Time

Its officially marathon season for me.  It's time to get my grub on. This the best part of training is get get to eat more and I love eating. I find this eating segment of what to eat on the internet a couple of years ago and I met some friends on FB that I was able to share it with. So for anyone who will like to know what I eat or will like to share what they eat, it is highly welcomed!

Oatmeal-wheat toast-banana-orange juice

SNACK (choose)
Sandwich, (wheat bread) - nuts raisins-apple

LUNCH (or similiar)
Bake potato with beans and fruit juice
Pasta salad with kidney beans, sweetcorn and veggies.
or Fresh fruit and salad
Chicken (lots of chicken) / Fish / Shellfish
Rice or potato -salad - 1 orange

SNACK ( I usually dont get this far, I stop after dinner)
2 slices of whole wheat toast/bread- 1 table spoon honey
and banana


DawnB said...

nice menu, good luck with training. which one are you training for?

Pamela Ann said...

I always do the JAX full marathon in December in Jacksonville, FL. Hopefully you can join me one year.