Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eating Before the Long Run

If Im running under an hour I just use a banana for fuel, pass that point I start adding stuff. I have an order in which I place my food into my system. Yep, I get real systematic with now.

Let's say that today Im running 12 miles, okay? Last night I would have eaten enough carbs to hold me and this morning I start off with room temperature water and a banana. It loosen things up, so I can DROP IT easy before I leave the house.

I add, before I leave the house a slice of toast with honey. I hear many people do the coffee thing, but it just dont work with my system. I feel  like dropping about the 3rd mile again and I dont like that feeling of running with my butt clenched really tight.

So now that Im dress and ready to drive to my run, I get out my GU and I have learned to take half a pack. Its in the body about 15 minutes before you start running. I take the other half 30 minutes later. So I do a half a pack every 30 minutes.

Now here's a tip that I use for like goofy energy. I take my multivitamin the night before I go to sleep. So if you are going to bed at 10pm, try not to wake up before your time to stay awake or... yep, you wake up full of energy and goofey legs ready to do some serious miles!

I have also done this with coffee the night before and I wanted to run like Forest Gump! Doing the coffee at night gives me plenty of time to DROP IT in the morning!

Take a snack with you in your car so as soon as you are finish with your run you can get some protein to those hard worked muscles!

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kat said...

Thanks for the tips, good luck with the 12 miler today.

Will Daniels said...

Interesting. I'm pretty systematic too even though I don't run marathons (my longest runs are half marathons).