Saturday, July 24, 2010

Store and Go on the Belt

Nathan Speed 4 Waist Pack with Four 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks The miles are building up and I cant go without my water in this heat. I love the convenience of this belt too because I am able to stash my GU or my music for the long runs. I have some runs coming up and I had to pull out the belt last week.  Last week I took only only bottle for eight miles. I frooze my water the night before so able mile four I had ice cold water. This weekend I have 9 miles, I will still only take one bottle on me. When I get back to my car or home I refuel with gatorade, water, banana and a meal and keep moving. Im looking forward. Marathon not until December and half marathon in Oct.
Native Watercraft Hydration PackFor the longer runs, I see the ultra marathoners, trail runner and mountain climbers going this route. This is cool because it's less work to drink on the run. Its made sort of backpack style without the belt. I still see an ultra in my furture!

Run Steady!

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