Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Giving Up!

My legs have been telling me "you cant do this." At the beginning of every marathon training my legs try to make this statement my mind's reality. Strength seems to be leaving, not my determination. It takes me 20 minutes longer to run over 10 miles then it did last year. My legs feel weak.

Instead of allowing my legs and my lead foot to determine what I refuse to accept, I have decided (with the suggestion of hubby) to strength train. This started today. I have 18 stair steps to get to my art studio. Instead of walking up today I jumped up. Sweat poured from my forehead when I reached the top. What the ...what do you know, the leg (left) is weak!

So for the next six weeks I will add some strength training to my legs. The will and determination to complete this marathon is more than telling my legs what to do. This body is my team which has to work together to make it happen under 5 hours.

Last year my training wasn't intense. I was distracted by other issues that took over my marathon training. I ran it anyway and finished 5:03 I tried to keep under 5 hours even if it's 4:59. I'm am blessed being able to complete it at all, but my goal is 4:30. So as always I will run with my Dad's drum stick, as we are hand in hand with me every step. I will get my pace by to marathon pace and I will go for it again!

Strong Body, Ageless Body with Erin O'Brien
This and something better is going to happen. Run Steady!  Pamela

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DawnB said...

Good luck with your training Pam. Strength training will help. You will see the difference.