Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smile at a Runner

Smile At A Runner, because one day this may be you!

My run was pretty good this morning. Over the years I have
had to change my running style, habits and routine. I choose
to make this change positive, only because I choose to keep
going. I even start forming a running group, to get more people
involved for the better of our health and to stay motivated.

When I first moved into my development almost seven
years ago, there was hardly any traffic. It was a new division
and all the streets hadn't been constructed. I was able to run
on asphalt for many miles and enjoy my music and run a close
to uncomfortable pace without being disturbed.

As time went on more houses were built. The community goal
was to build 4,000 houses. I thought it would take years for
that to happen. While more houses was being built, more roads,
schools and more traffic came with it.

Two years past and I still ran in the street and the drivers were
annoyed. The drivers began flipping me the bird, yelling at me
and one car even tagged me without stopping. I was thankful
the car behind me ask if I was okay. I was okay and went on
about my run, but from then on I started running on the
sideWALK. (imagine Forest Gump saying that!)

That was about 4 years ago. My knees do not like the
feeling and they are taking the bet down. Running easy
is good for the sidewalk. I recommend what I call "scooting"
Its a low shuffle movement like working out on the elytical
 machine. You keep your body very low to the ground for
low impact on the knees.

I got into a habit of scooting for the sake of my knees.
I miss running on the street and going for it. Every now
and then, while Im running I glance at the drivers but not
that often. I had stopped making eye contact the drivers
when I was running in the street to avoid the bird.
The bird takes you on a negative and makes you want to
 flip them back, call them a name or fight to do neither.
When Im have a great thought I'll look up see a driver,
make eye contact and smile. Every now and then you
run across that driver that just smiles back. That smile
gives more energy on the run than a pack of GU. If only
there were enough smiles, about four smiles per mile.
GU Tri Berry Energy Gel - 6 Pack

GU Tri Berry Energy Gel - 6 Pack
I think there are more people that are driving that wish
they were running, than there are runners who wish there
were driving. Even you dont run, walk, scoot, trot or jog
for whatever reason, be a supporter and flip a smile, wave
or just be good energy.
The count down is over. Im back. Run Steady!
Pamela Ann

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DawnB said...

Happy 4th and thanks for stoping by. Really nice to hear from you. I like your new look. Anyway trying my best to stay on track.