Sunday, November 2, 2008

19 Miles!

3:11:06. It was a new route for me.
Nice weather no hills and best of all, it's OVA!
I didn't have any real problems. What was different for
me and a first was the GU thing. Nope, I never tried it before.
I believe it made a big difference on fatigue, and numbness
that I thought I would feel. Afterwards, my 20 minute
drive towards home, I stopped at the grocery store.
Getting out of the car is where I felt the stiffness
that made me feel like I was on mile 23.
Yes, I remember that feeling. When
I got home I immediately drew
me a tub of cold only water
(no,I didnt add any ice.)
Awww. my legs really
appreciated more
than I did. I ran
with a nice
group of
and I
to doing it
again. Run Steady.


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

10:05 pace, Hope you had a nice meal afterward to refuel those muscles. Our 20 miler on friday went great also. You kicked my butt, my time was 3:47 at 11:15 pace. We signed up for the Pasadena marathon on Nov 16th!!

Burger said...

The Gu is your friend, trust me. ;)

Great LR Miss Pamela Ann. Next time though, try dunking those tired legs into some cold water on the rocks for about 10-15 mins. May feel like torture, but boy - can it help with recovery..

Great job again - I look forward to following your running endeavors!

Pamela Ann said...

Thanks guys. I must admit, today I was "HURTIN" on my run.

Marc said...

Rollin' on and adding up the miles - well done!