Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feels Like 32 degrees

Ran three days since the long run and all three days were very cold.
Tuesday 39 degrees, Wednesday 37 and today 35 and I loved it
when the weather reads "FEELS LIKE" 32, then its 32.
(If it quacks like a duck...)Its biting out there, I cant wear the
shorts and singlet. (Eastcoast, Marc) I have on running pants
and fitted sweats on top, wool running socks, sports bra, fitted tank,
long sleeve turtle neck dri-fit, wind breaker, dri-fit cap, head band
and gloves. What do you call that? Im open to hear
your answer...whatever comes to mind is fine. But I'll tell you,
Im not use to feeling like I belong in the freezer ... running.
Wew, I seen a guy out there this morning in his shorts and singlet,
I guess we looked really strange to each other.
Well saturday's coming, and 19 miles here I come.
(Thanks Marc's both east and west coast) Smile.

1 comment:

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Where are you? not Florida is it? I love running in the cold, but comfort is at time hard to find :)