Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a laugh I got out on the run today. JC and I were doing our speed workout and just before our fourth rep JC had an Olympics flashback and got down in the starters block position. I looked over to her to confirm starting and there she was ... I wish I had a camera. Oh what a laugh. It so soak up my energy on that stretch. However, we completed in our expected time, but when we were done we were drenched. Low 80's again. Four weeks til the first half marathon.

9-11-2001 . . . Not Forgotten


DawnB said...

thank you. I think I'm going to finally invest in one of those tiny little digi tha you can hold on a key ring.

rebecca said...

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Marc said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Good that you finished your speed workout in your expected time. Its always nice when that happens. And with temps in the low 80's - well done.

Oh, the mural on your other blog is absolutley wonderful!