Monday, September 15, 2008


The run started great, great weather 76 degrees light fog, feeling misty.
First 6 went easy. Mile 8 pee-pee time, mile 9 doggie dodging time,
mile 10 battery depleted from mp3 player, mile 11 I start smiling again
knowing that its less than 10 minutes left . . .he he he. Well, it seems as
though the 12 mile markers were getter farther and farther away.
It took me over 2 hours to finish, but guess what I finished and its not
my last twelve miles. I'll get to do it again next week. I love running,
you always get another chance.
Looking forward to it.


Marc said...

Great job on the 12 miler! Finishing in over 2 hours is most preferable to not finishing in under two hours. Well done.

Pamela Ann said...

Thank you Marc, that's a good way to look at it!