Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Power of A Smile

My run was quite late today. I ran after taking PJ to school. JC is on vacation so we didn't do our normal 5am run. No visor, the sun was beaming, so I got me some color. I was a little hesitant initially, I was afraid of the hamstring wanted to tell me something like "you cant run today 'cause I don't feel like it." But I guess he missed running just as I did these last few days, so I went on and ran 5 miles. Lots of bikers, walkers, strollers and smiles. It was a good run starting out.
On my way back, I could feel those couple of days absence, where I had to give myself the 'push talk' and using the excuse of the sun (mind you the temperature was awesome, low 70's)
being hot on me. But I didn't have enough excuses to give up, so pushed and was feeling the weight of my own lack of push and just going into blah, blah land.
This older lady who I saw at beginning of my run on a big three wheel bike, started smiling and waving at me, very cheerful like I was in a parade. Immediately it drew smile to face and when my smile came up, my elbows came up too, when my elbows started rising my stride started to widened and I was back. My smile remained a good tenth of a mile, and my thoughts wondered on her smile and let that take me to my finish. The power of a smile. You've probably heard this before, but try it. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!


DawnB said...

Sometimes we forget smiling makes a world of difference.

I would have to improve my swimming skills. I would love to do some Tri but for now du's may have to do.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Hey friend, glad to hear you are out there putting in the miles. I feel like I am getting my groove back.

Just_because_today said...

interesting how one little thing, a kind gesture of someone or a nice thought puts us back into the grove.

Marc said...

"But I didn't have enough excuses to give up..."

Very nice!!

Glad to see you were able to get the cooperation of the hamstrings.

Rest does a body good.