Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rain, rain go away

The rain kept me from running injured today. JC said she prayed for rain because she knew it would be the only reason I wouldn't run. Jo-jo said her kids kept her up all night. I think Jo-jo and JC were planning on running without me, I told them last night I would walk run anyway. Whatever the case, I didn't run so good for me. The leg wasn't really quite ready yet and I have a half marathon in two weeks, so I guess the rain save me from running today.

I think I discovered the difference between a
real runner, a smart runner and an addicted runner today.
A real runner will run in the rain and
an addicted runner will run on an injury.
I will use the rain as an excuse to keep from me running injured.
That makes me a smart runner today. Smile.


Just_because_today said...

I really liked that, a real runner, an addicted runner and a smart runner. I think I have been all of them, not one more than the other but all along a runner, nevertheless.
Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your blog. I read the poem, beautiful!

Pamela Ann said...

Thank you. Oh, I cant take credit for the poem.

Christie said...

Hmm, I wonder. Can an addicted runner also be known as a stupid runner? Running on an injury is not the smartest thing to do. I know. I've done it.

Pamela Ann said...

Well, like Forest would say, "Stupid is what stupid does." I no longer run injured, but when I feel an injury coming on I'm tempted. But I've had enough to back down now. I have been injuy free almost a year and a half. Thank you for your toughts. Smile.