Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coordinating the body and mind

I knew, I would only run three miles today and eight
tomorrow, tapering for next week's half marathon.
It's weird though, days when you get out there and start
running and the legs act like they don't know who you are
and don't want to have nothing to do with you (amnesia)

I started my run early this morning, no drivers at all
hurrying to get to work, or toss'n me the finger or to yell
at me to get out of the street. It hasn't been that bad lately.
That was last year when I use to run at 8:15am, after PJ's
bus would leave. I don't look at the drivers any more, I just
look at the cars and wave, let them know there's enough
room here for both of us. The 5am drivers are much calmer.

But anyway, not until I was almost finished did my legs
start to warm up and they rest of the body found it's form.
I think my body was ready for the long haul.Tomorrow I'll
make sure the mind talk to the body, so it wont think we'll
run only three miles and no sexercising. That is what I was
probably recovering from. (he he he)

I would really like to finish under 2:06, that has been
my best half marathon time recorded to date. That's
do-able, I will finish under 2:06 ...push it Pamma!
Now, it's written.


David Shapiro said...

Good Job aunt pam! im rooting for you! =]

i just got done with my morning workout as well.

it's always a lot better when those weird drivers aren't out to put you down, because they can't do what your doing =P

Have a great day!


Pamela Ann said...

Thank you David, you are too kind!