Wednesday, August 27, 2008

XT day. Great workout, I was a sweating machine.
I kept my work out clothes on so that I will be able
to run up to PJ's school with her today. It went well.
No traffic, we were side by side the whole time. So,
I asked "hey, would yo like me to go a little faster
?" her reply was "depends o what kind of
mood I'm in tomorrow
" Humph. So on that note, I
will be working on picking the pace up. To the light
at 8:17.

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rebecca said...

The Blossom


Merry, merry sparrow!

Under leaves so green,

A happy blossom

Sees you, swift as arrow,

Seek your cradle narrow

Near my bosom.


Pretty, pretty robin!

Under leaves so green,

A happy blossom

Hears you sobbing, sobbing,

Pretty, pretty, robin,

Near my bosom.

-----by maple story account