Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mommy Runs to school

PJ ran into a little stop and go bicycle traffic on the way to school today.
You see some of the kids are hunch over on their bikes on the sidewalks,
trying make sure they are in front of that one kid with the training
wheels weaving back and forth slowing down traffic.
Well, PJ just didn't make it through that bunch, so she had to see her
Mommy run past her. I waved to her from the street "see ya."
When I hit the corner, I turned and looked back and I could
see was still her polite self and not cutting and or taking the grass.
By the time she turned at the corner I was far ahead of her but I could
see her posture hunched over, backpack shifting back and forth like
Batman's and Robin's capes at the beginning of the old school cartoon.
Her butt no longer on the seat and her legs pumping with determination
to 'catch that Mommy.'
I made my last turn before we get to the street light and she was right
at my heels, she heard the voice of another parent tell their kid to walk
from here and she obeyed the laws of crossing before we got to the light
and walked up to me ready "we are going faster tomorrow Mommy."
We got to the school light in 8:13.
I love running and this bond that comes with it!


DawnB said...

oh how fun very nice!!

rebecca said...

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