Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speed workout, was good while I was out there. But now I am WHIPPED!
JC hung in there really well today (our first speed workout) She told she
didnt like the workout, but she also says she dont like running at all. She
does well to say that she just started running eight months ago. Never even
ran in high school. Her 5k in Jan. was about 43:00, she has shaved 13 off.
Im proud of her and she has also taken off 30 lbs.
I need to start eating regular again and forget about that little 5 lbs.
Dont sweat the small stuff . . right? Im bout go chow and start fueling
for this weekend's long run.
PJ wanted a ride to school today she didnt want to loose her novel by
Lisa Graff. So we didnt talk til it was drop off time and off she went.
If you are reading this far take a vote on right side of this page, let me
know how your run was today. Thanks. Run Steady.

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rebecca said...

Infant Joy


'I have no name;

I am but two days old.

What shall I call thee?

'I happy am,

Joy is my name.

Sweet joy befall thee!


Pretty Joy!

Sweet Joy, but two days old.
Sweet Joy I call thee:

Thou dost smile,

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