Thursday, November 10, 2011

Im Loving the Results

I really have to give a lot of credit to the oxygen! This is real talk, prior to using the oxygen I have sweated it out with Sean T, speed drills, ate with a balanced nutritional plan...everything. This has taken me beyond my comfort zone. I have always considered myself pushing as hard as I can without causing injury.

Well I tried the oxygen during training session and did it to a comparative workout. I kicked my own butt! I did the test for one week. I felt no harm, tension, lactic acid, fatigue or anything. Only battle I now had with the oxygen was in my mind "what are you going to do with you?" It was a test of how much heart was I willing to run with. So I pushed it and I held the pace and it felt great. Now as I make my way back I always try to beat myself and that I did.

My speed training was faster and my endurance day was faster. So I did the following week without the oxygen. I felt fatigued but continued because my mind now knew what the body was capable of achieving. So they were in sinc. My time dropped again. Next week I will run during the training with the oxy and with every race. Im ready to see change. ~Gotta DRoP IT!

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Tia said...

My experience was similar, will do another workout like that and let you know the results without the oxygen.