Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Run because I AM Worth IT!

I AM woth every bit bit of the strength it takes to be consistent in this journey. For as long as I have been running it has never become easy to me and when it feel like it is getting easy, thats when I go harder. So this making me stronger, to last longer, eat better, clears my head and makes me think more productively each day. I am worth all that.
To know Im worth it makes me happy, to know I can achieve my goal when I set out on a run makes me more confident and I can focus on achieving my challenges because thats how I started morning with a winning attitude.
Maybe if was so easy it wouldnt be worth doing to me, but to know this is benefiting my health too is a plus. I AM worth planning my health and running is my health plan. I will keep running until I just cant anymore.

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Just_because_today said...

the way it makes us feel when we are outthere is worth every little ache.