Friday, April 8, 2011

My Running Skirt

I felt alright, it was alittle warmer out today. I ran in my running skirt and I really dont have the thighs for these skirt (even though they are cah-ute.) I bought this skirt as one of those goal setting skirts. Im not a big clothes dresser but I like the ladies with the running skirts. However, if I need to probably wear ny own shorts under neath that wont do the creepy thing. They crawl up my thighs and I have to keep doing that tug thingy, you know?
I weathered the heat today and it looks like I got some color! He he he. I really dont like running this time of the day when the sun is beaming, it sort of drains me. But I didnt seem to do that bad running 4.5 miles in 43:29 my pace is building. Im loving it and I was cah-ute he he he.... Gotta DRoP IT

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Just_because_today said...

we are praying for that kind of sun here.
I dont like skirts to run in...dont know, I just dont feel comfortable in them