Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving & Improving

WoW! It really must be the gym workouts. Maybe the protein shakes, I dont know for sure but I surely like change! My pace is getting better as I'm getting stronger.  Im always researching for better results. I know I've been drinking more water than I usually do too. Maybe I can catch my pace from 3 years ago...hmmmm! I believe in the posssibilities!
Gotta make it DRoP!
I was really feeling like when I was running today, that I was getting tired of keeping the pace. So while I was running I started wondering "what day of the week is this?" I was confused between Wednesday or Thursday. It was feeling like it was suppose to be a rest day. So when I made to the halfway point I decided to make it back the same pace because it felt like I was taking the pace down sometimes, but never let myself drag. I felt strong, I could feel my gym workout too. I'm loving it. Gotta keep DRoPPING IT!

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