Thursday, November 3, 2011


Day 2- This was a short test. 
One my run this morning was a shorter distance to test my speed. So It set out and ran .9 miles, almost a mile. I started off slow and picked 
up about 2 minutes in. I found a comfortable but harder pace than normal and held it there. I finished 7:41, my personal best within the last eight years!!!

On my negative split I finished 15:05. That made my pace back at 7:24. REMARKABLE!!!! This is my training runs. I am screaming about these results. I want to know is this really mental, cause that's what people are going to say or think. This is not mental, this is physical. Im doing it!

How much was a can of oxygen? $10. a friend referred me.
How many did you get? 2 my cost for 2 can was 19.90. They gave me free shipping too.
How long does one can last? About 1 week
Did you reorder? Yes I did, but this time I ordered more to share with my friends.
How can I order it from you?
Go to my site and make sure you see "Run With 1" in the top right hand corner.
Where is your link?

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