Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HOT Flash-flash-flash!

Blah! To much heat and humidity. I ran a more shadier route and had company and we talked a little. We did talk shoes too. My fav's are the 2150 still Asics He had a good pace which started me off faster than I usually go. It was 3.94 mi 00:42 10:39 pace. It felt a whole lot slower than.
It was hot, thats how it went. I really admire those of you who do it in the heat. I would rather drop it at 5:30am any day. My feet were scream "ICE" My hot flashes dont even get that hot and they dont ever last that long.
Im so glad I had someone to scoot with today (yes I scoot) or I would have turned around long time ago. I still didnt even go the complete route because when I saw him ahead of me turn around I knew it was time for me to turn.
However, I did get it done and it is a lot better than sitting here talking about what I could have done. And Im sure I would get stronger from today's run some how. This and something better is about to happen, Have a great today! Run Steady!


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Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

We miss and love U2, I will be posting a report of my first triathlon soon!