Sunday, October 11, 2009

#19 I Deserve Better

Okay, today I ran 10 miles in an old pair of running shoes and my feet began to burn, then
blister. I had the shoes with a pile of shoes that I would give at one of the race events. Since I haven't participated in a race lately, they are still here. The shoes were good for an hour, but the next 36 minutes wasn't pleasant.
You can remember right away why you stop wearing them, you know their time was up.
I back begin to feel it well. But I wouldn't allow myself to give up. I know I deserve better for myself. I look forward to this day and time to flip back to the norm. This hurts everything.
Today, I took my charge card and purchase the shoes that I can afford and not the shoes that I wanted.
Run Steady

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Just_because_today said...

when my orthodics wear out I can tell by the pain that I get in my feet and legs. It is a necessity not covered by insurance. Our running shoes should be covered.