Saturday, June 20, 2009

The triathlon was a blast! I finished, not fast, but I finished.

I am now considered a triathlete too!

(I'm front row center, red shorts)

This picture was taken at one of the trainers home where we worked on our transitions, which was very helpful. They stand directly in the center of this picture. They both are triathletes and are they best people to train with, especially for the first time. Hopefully this class will be offered again by them, I will like definitely do it again. Everyone in class was nice and a pleasure to be around. I think I might miss training, but I miss running more.
So the morning of the race I woke up at 5:00am eat breakfast, double checked my inventory and was out the door by 5:40am. I listen to Floetry during my one hour ride. They kept me relaxed and emotionally balanced as they harmonized their smooth poetry.
I arrived at race location at 6:50 to stand in line to get marked and set up in transaction area. I wasn't able to carry all my stuff to the area so I had to make two trips. Things were going pretty smoothly. They had a pre triathlon talk about the do's and the don't's prior to starting the event. I had to cut that one a little short so that I can make one last stop to the ladies room. On my way out, everyone was making their way to the beach right on time 7:25am. So I followed keeping myself calm and relaxed, constantly keeping in mind in tempo of the calm poetry and that I am going to have some fun out here in this calm ocean water! The water was perfectly calm too!
Yellow caps, that was I, the second to the last wave. I took a dip first to get a feel of the water, it was just right. I walked out to the far side of the crowd so that I wont get kicked or hit by the other swimmers. Well, while standing there a lady started talking to me about an experienced she had as an experienced triathlete. She begin telling her story and it started getting me nervous. No way could I say "shut up," but I felt like it. Before she went into the water she gave me a good tip about the current and the nervousness went away.

I made my way to the first buoy and the last wave of swimmers was headed to the water.
Did they catch me? Yes, seems as soon as they left the shore they were on my back,
literally. I was trampled over twice, hit and kicked and then nothing. They went by so fast.
I was able to see the big buoys without my glasses and I was comfortable.
I finally made it to the last buoy. There were a few people in front of me,
so I swam and looked until I could see where they were able to stand up in the water.

( This picture taken during practice by the instructors. She took some excellent shots of people in motion, I just wasn't one of those people.)

Once I made it to shore I looked back to see if there was anyone behind me. I didn't see anyone. I ran a little bit and then begin to walk. I seen the bike racks, but most of the bikes were all gone. All except three, so someone was in the water. I just couldn't see them without my glasses.
I transitioned onto the bike and on my way out the first biker was on his way in.
I didn't see anyone on the road (yes I had my glasses on.) I followed the instructions and directions of the volunteers and they told me it was out and back, so I shouldn't get lost

Once I got started, I was on a hunt. "I gotta find somebody." About a half mile I see someone far ahead and I was on race mode. "If I see them, I can catch them." At the four mile mark I began to see most of the group heading on the way back in. "wow, I'm far behind" I have to swim faster to have have a chance at this. I did catch a few before the half way point. Then I started thinking a negative split on the way back. I was on a serious hustle on the way back. I begin passing more riders on my mountain bike. I am proud what I could do on that big hummer.
So I made it back to the transition are and the bike racks are full. I started my run and it was hot, the sun was bright and I was whipped. It was an out and back course and I see people ahead of me. Good "If I see them, I can catch them" I shook my legs and started the course slowly. At every half mile they have a sign to let you your distance on the run, because the miles seem more like marathons at this point. I start to see the majority of the group coming back when I was at the mile mark. They are two miles ahead of me. I begin to catch a few, a few more and a few more. I knew I would never catch the group, however some of the group was still out there. The closer I got to the finish the more group people I seen still in the race. I was able to catch just a few more. Then it was over...YES! I did it.
The time didn't matter, my place didn't matter, the finished mattered. Now, I'm considering doing it again. My husband said he's going to join me next year and also join me in a marathon. I think I got the bug. I'll just borrow the right bike and practice my swimming, I can see doing it. Things work out right, I will TRI another in August.


Christie said...

I had no idea you were training for a Tri. I'm so glad you had fun. Congrats on the finish!

Just_because_today said...

yes, tri for more ;) they'll probably get easier. I like your perspective on it, the time didn't matter what matter is that you finished. You did great!

DawnB said...

Congratulations Pamela, you did great. I enjoyed your race report. And I love the way you think " "If I see them, I can catch them."

love it, you did great and I'm looking forward to your next one.

yes you are a Triathlete.

Christine said...

Pamela, it has truly been a pleasure training with you for the past 2-1/2 months! I love your positive attitude and the fact that you never gave up! I hope that I am as motivated as you to show up in August. I would love to see you out there. Hopefully we will both have better bikes by then! Congratulations, my fellow triathlete! Loved your blog, your beautiful work of art you shared with us, and your smiling face at every work out. I hope to see you soon! :)

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Loved the report!
Way to fight all the way to the finish! You Go!

Pamela Ann said...

Thanks Christie.

Mariam, I like tthat "Tri for More" and like most things, it shold get easier.

Thanks Dawn.

Thank you Christine. Im glad I had the opportunity to be around people who made me smile. I look forward to seeing again with our road bikes!

Thanks Marc & Tanya.

Christie said...

Hey Pamela,

To answer your question, I'm not trying for a certain pace. It's just that running on the track, instead of a dark street or something, is safer since I always run alone. Not like it's a bad neighborhood, but ya never know.

Maria said...

We did it!!! I want to ditto Christine's comments...Love the blog, love the paiting you shared with us & glad to have met you. Looking forward to joining you in the next TRI!