Friday, April 24, 2009


I love the running part of course which is at the end of the event. The biking is okay, I ride pretty well considering the bike I'm working with and this being my first I'm haven't went all out (not that I have a choice.) But that dog gon swimming and I have some issues.

Now I know I really need to adjust my attitude about the whole water thing and tell myself "I love to swim, I love to get into cold water and it splashing in my face, getting in my nose and every now and then swallowing the dog gon water. I love the restriction of wearing goggles to see better under water, so what that they don't feel like eye glasses that I wear every day and I have to take off to get in the water. I love the lack of buoyancy my body has because I'm not inhaling enough air to keep my body a float, I'm just swallowing the water and letting it take me down."

HMMMMmmm..... I have a lot mental adjusting to do. So, first I started with a little one one help with the breathing. Vicky was great she helped me to stop swallowing and inhaling the water. It still haven't found the joy of being in the water yet. I guess mostly because it don't feel like play time. It seems like work. I will change my frame of once those 20 laps become easy. I am up to 14 laps not easy and 8 weeks left before the event. I know I came do this because I want and because I can!

Now let me tell what I do like about it: What I like the most is that I feel strong, everywhere and number two is (not being vain, im a little to old for that just giving myself its due).... Now two .... a sista has drop 5lbs and has a waistline that is saucy! Yep saucy like them burgers with the extra sauce when you eat em they make you say hummmm! SAUCY! So, that is incentive enough to keep me in the water.


Just_because_today said...

I laughed through the whole post (not that kind of laugh, mind you - not the making fun laugh but the funny laugh) I would love to do the 3 some thing, but my swimming...well, I could do better but the bike, that is just not going for me. I am afraid of falling...Great that your waistline is so saucy...

DawnB said...

sounds like a challenge, but you are tackling it just fine. Me its the swiming thats the part that gets me too. the running, the biking well not too sure anymore i haven't bike in ages. I've always like the idea about doing a tri. I've been thinking about du's may just give me the incentive to imprrove the swimming.

Pamela Ann said...

Yeah JBT, when I step outside of myself I laugh too as Im looking at those big ol question marks over my head! Girl try the 3some you will difenently get something out of it.

Hey Dawn,
Yep, its a challenge. I think Im full of clorine. Next week I think we go to the ocean to swim. Good hearing from you both.