Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm still here.
Still running steady. Completed the Ocala half marathon
2:04. I love the course, great conditioning, lots of hills.

I've been working on getting the 2010 running calendar moving.
I have the artwork for on display and it has been well received.

This weather . . . cold!

Run Steady.

I'm adding running quotes and thoughts to the calendar
so anyone who would to share their advice thoughts, quotes
I'll appreciate it.


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Way to keep the legs movin, how cold could it be in Fla (lol).MJ

Burger said...

Great job in the 1/2 Miss Pamela Ann! Good to see you're still around..

Pamela Ann said...

Excuse the gester Marc, but it is colder than a wich's titty!
28 feels like 22 degrees. You know Im from Cali. I now remember why I became a seasonally runner when I moved to Florida.

Christie said...

Great job on the half. I have family down in the Ocala area. I had no idea it got down to 28. That's cold anywhere, but especially cold for FL.

Pamela Ann said...

Oh yes Christie, talk to your folks. I was freezing during the half marathon. We meet out there next year if your interested in hilly half.

Marc said...

You disapear and then come back with a great half marathon under your belt. Well done.

It's all relative. The cold that is. I mean, a Florida witch's tittie, while cold, is still warmer than a Maine witch's tittie. They are all warm compared to the tittie of a witch from Fargo, North Dakota.

And yes, 28 is cold. It is below freezing. It is especially cold after temps in the 60's, though it could feel pretty good after temps in the single digits and below. But it is still cold.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

a wich's titty!
HAAAAAAAA, that's a good one!!

Just_because_today said...

You should try my half, it's hilly, windy and cold...but great
Good job on the half you just ran.
Spring will soon be here so let's endure what's left of this hard winter

Pamela Ann said...

I will like to try the cold, hills and wind. I looked on your event site and I saw snow! You never said anything about snow. I never ran in snow... okay I have never seen snow.
Do you have any other events other than March 8th? I'm running the
in Rome, GA that same date this year.