Monday, November 17, 2008

21 MILES 3:46

My goal was to run 21 miles in 3:30 and finished 3:46.
Key word:
FINISHED. Im proud of myself, it was no easy task. My routine
was totally different from any of my long runs. First of all its
Monday. Ordinarily I run long on Sunday's, usually there is less
traffic. Then, the time of day I started my run was much later.
I wasnt able to start my run until almost 9:00am, when this
weekend my plans were to start at 5:00am. Last, being that
this was a school morning, my focus was totally my Joi being
having a happy Monday at school. I told her that I have to run
the 21 miles today and she understood that I wont be able to
volunteer at run walk club today and she will ride bike home
afterwards. She's becoming a big girl.
The weather was perfectly cold. As it became warmer, I was able
to shed a little. I had hardly any company out there. I saw only
one runner out today, maybe that had a lot to do with the time
of day.
Im not sure what up for next week, cause I havent made upstairs
yet. My legs are not ready. So, I havent got my BRRRRR on either!
But I did soak my feet in so cold water with ice for about
10 minutes. Wew!

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