Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wow, today was a great run. My body is not feeling it at all (yet.) Today would have been a great race day. My 14 miles today beat my 13.1 miles time last week. I felt my foot again trying to fall asleep, this time I was ready for it. I dug my foot in the ground, gave it pressure and push my run with my left foot until it was alive again and that was at about mile 13 this time. My time today was 2:15:16. It felt good. I had good company too, Maria ( I just met) and Hardy. Today was Striders annual celebration.

The Vitruvian Man, was the subject wall painting job just this week. It was painted on wall up 12 feet from the floor. It is located in a Cross Fit Gym It was really cool watching trainee's dive right into this 20 minute hard core workout to the extreme. Constantly muscling it up with 300% effort then they are done, 20 minutes! Don't be surprise .... you know the story!


JC said...

Run, Forest. Run! At this rate I'm not going to be able to catch up with you until you're 80. You are my inspiration. I'll be ready to celebrate your next 1/2 marathon. The cheesy biscuits and chocolate cake are one me :-)

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

I like your friend, but cheesy biscuits and chocolate cake you cannot have until you finish a 50K atleast:)

Pamela Ann said...

50k, let's see thats 5 10k's. A 10k is 6.2 miles times 5 equals 31miles and Im free to have chessy biscuits and chocolate cake, yummy! My sign reads "WILL RUN FOR JUNK FUN"

Marc said...

Hey - great job on the 14 miles! And a belated congrats on your half, a big improvement over last year and with the training you are doing, you will see more improvements in November.

I don't know what you've tried with the foot thing (I've had this on occasion), but a trip to a specialty running shop might help. Or maybe a trip to the podriatist.

Keep up the good work!

Onwards and upwards.

Marc said...

Another thought on the numbness in the foot...shoe laces too tight? Our feet swell during longer runs...