Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was late for the run. Everyone was lined up at start and here I come. No one looks familiar and they mentioned an obstacle course has been added. I thought "where am I?" I looked at my wrist and I forgot to put on my watch. Okay, I say to myself "I think I can handle this" the guns off and the race starts immediately up hill, steep and on the grass. This is a strange half marathon and another strange thing is the time of day.

I keep running. Along the route I hear PJ's voice. My head searched back and forth trying to find her face. At the same time I'm losing sight of the race and everyone is taking off.
I come to a door and the crowd (a few people) instruct me to go this way, I guess its part of the obstacle course. The door takes me up a flight of stairs and to a balcony where the runners squeezed through the bottom of the balcony and jumped down into the bushes and up a path.

Well, at the balcony is my husband pulling up the best he can the iron bar so that I can slide under it. I was having a problem getting my buns through and again I started losing sight of the runners.

I try to squeeze through the balcony and my husband is telling me all these things that I need to do, that has nothing to do with running and I can hear PJ's voice in the background, yelling "Go Mommy, Go." I couldn't go, because I was stuck in the balcony (bed) ... but a good thing, I did have my family there with me.

Im glad this was a dream. When I woke up I found it was 5:30, I hadn't set my clock. So I missed calling JC at 4:30 and my 5:00am run. I was able to get up and run at 6:00am, but I had to this one alone.

It was a good easy run. Enjoy your run.


Christie said...

Wow. That was a crazy dream. Good thing it was only a dream.

DawnB said...

I remember one particular time I had a dream and I finished the race then the alarm went off.

Marc said...


Man, those anxiety dreams are the worse! So real it's scary.

Yes, thank goodness this was only a dream...or was it? Perhaps this is all a dream...

Rest up, it wont't be long now before you toe the line.