Monday, August 25, 2008


Wew, I'm glad yesterday 8 miles are ova!
My girl Jo-jo didnt make it so I was sure to have a great endurance day.
But, I missed her so much, I totally relaxed and
even walked a couple of time (4 times he he he)
I started my run out with Lisa an easy pace,
but body said let's chill and that we did.
JC got her 6 miles on and a little more.

We went out to Sun Tire in Stridersville.
Still carrying this extra 5 pound inner tube round my waist
that Im determined to drop off.
I have til the end of August ... bout 6 mo' days!
So I havent been eating entirely right for running.
I'll take in more food after September 1st so this body
will be prepared for the beginning of October's Marine Corp 1/2 Marathon.

Today is a rest day.
I ran up to the school with my daughter while
she was on her bike, she asked can we go
a little faster tomorrow,
she's asking me to
"bring it!!!"

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DawnB said...

I'm so please to meet you Pamela Ann thank you for stoping by. I look forward to keeping tabs on you as well. I need to get my butt out and run this evening got sidetracked this morning took the week off to get the boys ready for school so no set schedule.