Monday, August 11, 2008

Creating Images

I have finally come to where I can tear the paper from the book. My black binder sketch book hold my rough drafts. I have always felt it wasn't right tear the pages out. My art will be ruined ... my mental block. Well, I've torn pages and have been creating my runners on paper, to canvas. I've been moving on. I love it when it seems like the simplest things seems so hard, but you only consider them simple after you have past its perceived complication.
I look forward to taking them to rooms in other places, halls, walls. This is my ultra marathons of runs ... MURALS! Every rendering is a mural. I see my running art as murals. I have combined my passions to create who I really am. This artist loves running! Eventually I will overcome the fear of posting it online, so until then I will post my training, the morning runs, the people I met, my friends and events.

Lets start with this weekend
Sunday our long run. (6 miles) 9 weeks before the Half Marathon I'm training for a marathon in December and JC, Jo-Jo, Melinda and Lisa are doing the half marathons. Jo-Jo and I are doing a half in the beginning of October and on Thanksgiving day. Jo-jo goal is finish at an 8:30 pace and I want to finish under two hours about a 9:00 pace. This will be the first for the others, so they don;t have that bug yet, just finish. This weekend we started JO and started off pretty easy, after we set into the core of the run she was off in to the 7's making up for the easy pace. When hit 4 mile mark and Jo was .3 of mile ahead of me and I hear Lisa calling my cut off name (Pam) I waited for her at mile 4 time was 34:50, I told her Jo was up ahead about 3 minutes ans she planned on finishing about 8:30 pace. The next mile is uphill and didn't want to lose sight of Jo so I stop talking and started my scooty scoot. Over the hill I could see Jo but she is pulling away. At the next turn, she is 3:30 ahead. I made the turn and I don't hear Lisa any more, nor do I see Jo. I went to finish at 52:08, Jo finished her split at 48:40. She's awesome, we all are. Feel good. We had to go pick up JC in the car because I had a babysitter watching PJ and I had to return home asap. The weather was nice 74ish degrees at 6:30am
Monday we rest.

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